173: Welcome back, Adrienne!

She’s back, folks!After a 13 week maternity leave Adrienne is plugged back into Team Run Like Clockwork and she’s ready to share all the details about what it’s really like to be unplugged from the business for that long. She’s joined by Emily in this episode, and they cover everything, like: What her new role will look like now that she’s back Advice she would give to the 2017 version of herself The unexpectedly hard part about being gone that long  And the singl   The lessons and takeaways we share in this episode are just further proof why the 4-Week Vacation is always going to be a cornerstone of the Clockwork system. It is vital to the health of your business, yourself, and your team. Visit clockworkaccelerator.com to get started preparing for yours.   And if you have more questions about what this process was like, let us know on instagram @rlclockwork

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