186: How are you showing up for your business?

In Clockwork we preach how the most critical role for the CEO is to set and drive the vision for the company. In order to do that you need to be really intentional with how you show up inside your business so your vision can become a reality Leadership is not about being the best.  Leadership is about making everyone else better.   You’ve probably risen to leadership because you’re pretty awesome!  Which IS awesome, but you don’t want to be the best at all the things.  In fact, the way you fully step into leadership is to help others become better.   In this episode Julie and Adrienne talk about all the different ways you can show up for your team and business, and how Adrienne has adapted the way she shows up during various seasons of her life.   Here are some reflection questions to mull over after listening to the episode: What does making others better look like for you?  For your team?  How do you think it might feel?For you? For your team? How might that benefit your business? Your culture? 

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