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Welcome to the Ocean Cruisers Podcast, hosted by Judy & Steve of Sailing Fair IsleThis week Andy and I ( Hi, Im Hiba ) along with Mandy and Alex of See The Little Things, Josh Post, Maddie & Herbie of The Rigging Doctor and Michael and Joel of Bums on a Boat all had the pleasure of being interviewed by Judy and Steve whilst we were on our charter in Greece hosted by Sail With George.We talk about everything boat life related, and how everyone got into this lifestyle.You can learn about all the channels involved by visiting the links in the podcast description and also how to take a journey of your own like this in Greece by visiting www.sailwithgeorge.comHosts - Judy & Steve from Sailing Fair Isle & Herby  from The Rigging Doctor Post from Josh Post Vlogs & Alex from See the Little Thing & Joel from Bums on a Boat us on Instagram, Facebook, watch the interviews on Youtube and download the audio on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.You can follow our social media pages and interact with us by checking out the link below:

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My name is Andy, I have been speaking with sailors for a while and now we are about to embark on our own journey. We are about to embark on a circumnavigation and intend to bring guests aboard to learn about sea faring life as we go. Follow us on Instagram and the Facebook page to check out my travels and also the guests.