19: Orchestrating Sales Success with Allego Co-Founders Mark Magnacca & Yuchun Lee

Orchestrating Sales Success with Allego Co-Founders Mark Magnacca & Yuchun Lee Welcome to Sales Tech Podcast, the show that talks about sales technology, what’s working, what’s not, and where the industry is going. In this episode, Thom sits down with Mark Magnacca and Yuchun Lee, co-founders of the sales enablement software platform, Allego. Allego ensures that sellers have the skills, knowledge, and content they need to optimize team success in a virtual world.  Today, Thom talks to Mark and Yuchun about what inspired them to launch Allego and the incredible growth they’ve seen this past year despite the global pandemic. Mark and Yuchun speak to the power of video and how they are getting their clients to embrace this tool as part of their tech stack. They talk about the book they recently released, Mastering Virtual Selling, and what they are seeing currently in the world of sales technology. Finally, Mark and Yuchun provide best practices for sales professionals to fully take advantage of sales technology and speculate on what the future holds for this exciting industry. What We Covered: 00:39 – Thom introduces today’s guests, Mark Magnacca and Yuchun Lee, co-founders of the sales enablement software platform, Allego 01:12 – Mark and Yuchun share the origin story of Allego and speak to some of the incredible capabilities they’ve been able to achieve recently  04:53 – What Mark and Yuchun are doing to help get clients to embrace the power of video 06:18 – Mark and Yuchun speak to what inspired them to write a book on Virtual Selling  12:46 – What Mark and Yuchun see in the world of sales technology  16:13 – Best practices companies can utilize to get sales professionals to utilize their sales tech stack  20:12 – Mark and Yuchun speculate on the future of sales tech  24:00 – The best tip Mark and Yuchun would give to sales professionals  25:49 – Thom thanks Mark and Yuchun for joining the show and let’s listeners know where to connect with them  Tweetables: “I would say that the pandemic actually has helped our business quite a bit because it has opened the eyes of folks that there’s a possibility out there that you can be successful in selling and do that not in person but in addition to in-person.” (03:59) (Yuchun) “Video is a unique form factor. If you think about it, it’s kinda the closest thing to the way most of our brain works, with visual imagery and sound and movement. So, why not use something that is similar to the way we learn anyway?” (07:00) (Mark) “I began to realize that there’s this flow. And, when done properly, salespeople can orchestrate and use their time way better by setting the stage before you get on a live Zoom call.” (11:43) (Mark)  “In the area of sales enablement, regardless of what kind of technologies or vendors or tools you have, you really have to solve a set of problems. And they are very straightforward. You gotta help onboard effectively. You’ve gotta be able to launch product successfully. You’ve got to make sure the seller can access important content to share with their prospect. You’ve gotta make sure sales managers can coach sellers properly and lastly you’ve got to be able to engage your buyers virtually.” (13:47) (Yuchun) “Part of the entire ethos of our business is all about customer success and we’re known in the market for that. ” (18:53) (Yuchun) Links Mentioned: Mark Magnacca on LinkedIn Yuchun Lee on LinkedIn Allego Mastering Virtual Selling Book Benjamin Zander’s TED Video ‘The Transformative Power of Classical Music Crystal Knows

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