Can paid social ads increase your art sales? (with Victoria & David Park)

Sell Out: A Podcast to Grow Your Art Career - A podcast by theprintspace


The ability to use highly targeted ads on social media has revolutionised commerce, and has enabled lots of niche, artisan brands to spring up. If targeted ads level the playing field with the big brands, and enable someone to find producers, artists & makers who genuinely have a passion for what they do, isn’t that a good thing?But do they work for artists looking to sell their art? It’s not something we have advised artists to do in the past, but our latest podcast with Victoria & David Park flipped that script on us and we’re all in!Victoria is an abstract painter and one of the top sellers using our dropshipping service. Her brother-in-law, David, is a digital marketer specialising in paid social campaigns. Together, they’ve created a winning formula that’s allowed Victoria to quickly grow her collector base whilst staying true to her style and vision.Curious how they did it and if their advice can work for you? Listen to the podcast to find out!