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Mark Week 3 with Scott Sauls

from She Reads Truth Podcast | Published 3/29/2021

It’s Holy Week, when we observe Jesus’s journey to the cross and His triumphant resurrection on Easter Sunday. In our final week studying the Gospel of Mark, Raechel and Amanda continue the conversation alongside author, Nashville pastor, and friend, Scott Sauls. Together, they walk through Holy Week (which has two extra days of readings!) and talk about Passover hymns, peach Easter dresses, wrestling with doubt, and the beautiful climax of Mark. Join us in celebration as we remember how our Savior Jesus reconciled us to everlasting life with Him. Read with Us: This episode corresponds to Week 3 of the She Reads Truth Mark reading plan found on the She Reads Truth app and Shop the Mark collection at Show notes can be found at

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We know reading the Bible every day can be hard. It’s easy to feel stuck, lost, or unsure where to start. We get it. We’ve been there too. Our hope for this podcast is that it will serve as a complement to our reading plans, to encourage you on your commute to work, while you’re out for a walk, or at home making dinner. God’s Word is for you and for now. That's why our community is here and always open to you.