Loving and losing Azaylia

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. This week Alex and Em are joined by the incredible Safiyya Vorajee, who lost her baby daughter, Azaylia, to childhood cancer just one year ago. Driven by the love for her daughter, she and Azaylia's father started a foundation in her honour, The Azaylia Foundation. Safiyya bravely takes on life with optimism and determination, and we want to shine a light on her story. In the usual segments of the pod, Al tries her hand at amateur gymnastics and Em wants to start a gang...

Show timestamps:

Good, Bad & Awkward - 00:04:39

Interview with Safiyya - 00:28:08

Is It Just Me? - 01:28:15

You can order Safiyya's book, Loving and Losing You, Azaylia here: https://smarturl.it/lsofot

And to donate to The Azaylia Foundation, click here

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