Betrayal on the Bayou | 5. Deal at the DoubleTree

Smoke Screen: My Friend, the Serial Killer - A podcast by Sony Music Entertainment - Mondays


Boobie is an informant for Chad but all the while he’s making over $300,000 a month dealing cocaine. Some people say Chad lets him get away with it. When Boobie meets Chad at a Houston Doubletree, Chad puts Boobie on notice: he wants contacts, or Boobie’s freedom is over. Subscribe to The Binge to get all episodes of Smoke Screen ad-free right now. Click ‘Subscribe’ at the top of the Smoke Screen: Betrayal On The Bayou show page on Apple Podcasts or visit to get access wherever you get your podcasts. A Neon Hum & Sony Music Entertainment production. Find more great podcasts from Sony Music Entertainment at and follow us @sonypodcasts Learn more about your ad choices. Visit