The Most Dangerous Man You've Never Heard Of - Who is John Todd?

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In the 1970s, John Todd exploded onto the evangelical scene with a shocking claim: a secret group of devil-worshiping elites called the Illuminati were planning a violent world takeover, and Christians needed to arm themselves against them to protect their families and way of life. But none of it was true—so why did the idea spread so quickly? Dive into John Todd’s dark and distorted world with journalist Paul Murphy on Cover Up: The Conspiracy Tapes. Featuring sensational tales of witchcraft and human sacrifice from recorded tape of John Todd’s original testimony, this story unravels the threads of Todd’s deceptions, and traces his legacy as an originator of modern day conspiracy theories. Available now wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribers to The Binge can listen to all episodes of Cover Up: The Conspiracy Tapes right now, completely ad-free. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit