LIVE | What no one tells you about learning English: #3. 5hr a day in 1 day or 1hr a day for 5 days?

On our third live of the series WHAT NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT LEARNING ENGLISH, we will make sure you discover all you need to know to keep an optimized and effective study schedule!   How many hours a week do you study? Is that enough?   And how can you best distribute this time along the week?  Subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow us for more!   #englishstudytips #learnenglish #studysmarter

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Welcome to Speak Now English Academy podcast! This is a modern way to learn how to speak English efficiently. This podcast's been created to help you become fluent in English by practicing your listening and speaking skills. Our academy wants to keep empowering you, hoping to boost your energy to keep moving towards the objectives you have in life within the English language! Climb every mountain, feel every moment. Speak Now!