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Interview with Grooming Editor Garrett Munce

from ST. ROSE Podcast | Published 5/19/2021

This week, the incredible Garrett Munce graces the podcast. Garrett is a writer and editor specializing in men’s grooming, beauty, style and wellness. He is the grooming editor for Esquire and Men’s Health and has held previous positions including senior fashion editor at titles including GQ and W. Garret is also the author of “Self-Care for Men: How to Look Good and Feel Great.” He is truly an absolute guru on all things skincare, and we are so honored to have him join us as we dive into wellness infused self-care, finding one’s creativity in a new world and take a transportive journey with classic songs as the tour guide courtesy of a curated playlist by Garrett himself. Connect with Garrett: Instagram - @garrettmunce Find the book - “Self-Care For Men” Checkout Garett’s playlist - Spotify

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