Star Wars Legends: Bounty Hunter - EP 2: Mandalorian Wrath (An Audio Drama Series)

Star Wars Legends: Bounty Hunter - A podcast by VF Productions


Star Wars: Bounty Hunter is the second Audio Drama created by VF Productions, and takes place years before the events of "Attack of the Clones". Learn how the infamous Bounty Hunter, Jango Fett, meets Darth Tyranus and becomes the clone template for the Grand Army of the Republic. Credits: Written by: David Ortiz Edited by: David Ortiz CAST Narrator: KrowVakabon Jango Fett: The Shape Shifter Governor of Galidraan: Arkham Tor Visla: Darth Valeria Myles: Knightjar (Mitchell Basden) Jedi Master Dooku: HappyGunner Komari Vosa: Melissa Sheldon Death Watch Soldiers: WillBNunn & David Ortiz Hondo Ohnaka: Arkham L-40: David Ortiz Young Boy: Spencer Coles ALL VOICES FOUND ON CASTINGCALLCLUB.COM Please support the offical release! DISCLAIMER Star Wars and its assets are property of Disney & LucasFilm. I claim no ownership. This is a fan series with no monetization made.