Thank You - Season 3 Finale

Wow! 3 years of the STRESSD Podcast. 156 episodes. 69110 downloads to date. Amazing podcast guests. Lots of growth. That's how I would summarize the last 1095 days since the first show on January 1st 2019. A lot can happen when you stay consistent and committed to your passion. Today, I'd like to say thank you for being here with me!In this podcast you will learn:✨ What's next for the STRESSD Podcast✨ How you can stay engaged in 2022✨ How to sustain your performance in 2022Enjoy listening. With gratitude,JuliaPlease rate the STRESSD Podcast on Apple:🏔 Build Peak Performance Tools To Thrive at Work and in Your Personal Life 🏔🔸 LINKS 🔸INVEST IN YOUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENTGet monthly coaching and join a group of Peak Performers to level up in life: OUT MY PROGRAMS TO BUILD PEAK PERFORMANCE TOOLS:🔸 WATCH THIS NEXT 🔸✨ Transform your Limiting Beliefs:✨ 5 Journaling Prompts to Improve your Performance:✨ How to Set Boundaries:✨Where do Thoughts Come From: make sure you subscribe to my channel! Thank you for your support 🦋. 🔸 SAY HI! 🔸Instagram: email me: [email protected]🔸 MAIL 🔸Julia Arndt CoachingPO Box 5906Tahoe City, CA 96145 🔸 BRAINTAP - DEVELOP YOUR LEARNINGS ON A SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL 🔸🔸 CAMERA GEAR USED 🔸○ My camera -○ Microphone -○ Tripod -🔸 TOOLS & SERVICES I USE 🔸○ Keyword Research Tool for YouTube (TubeBuddy) -

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Do you consider yourself a high achiever? Smart, driven, highly successful? I am excited to have you! My name is Julia Arndt and I am the host of the STRESSD podcast.I will help you develop your stress resilience the same way you've developed your workplace superpowers. Learn peak performance tools to thrive at work and in your personal life. Julia Arndt, the host of this podcast, is a stress management trainer, international speaker and the creator of the Peak Performance Method (PPM).