I Dream of Cameras #31 Sissi Lu Who

The centerpiece of this episode is an extended interview with film photographer Sissi Lu, known to denizens of New York City as the Lady with the Hassy. She’s a street shooter and a portraitist and a TikTokker and a YouTuber, and her passion for photography is infectious. It’s one of our best conversations yet, so TOON IN! But first… A manageable mailbag! Marie Nikondo is RUTHLESS! Check out our Instagram for some cameras Gabe is offloading, and feel free to DM him and float a trade! and then, our conversation with Sissi Lu, featuringstrategies for street photography the allure of the Hasselblad (and how it’s different than shooting a 35mm SLR like her Nikon F3) building a community of like-minded shooters forging a connection with your subjects the challenge of leaving the house with only two or three cameras designing the ideal camera bag using the self-timer (yes, she uses it) favorite film stocks (spoiler: she loves Lomo 800) and her second favorite New York film lab (picturehouse + thesmalldarkroom in Chelsea) Sissi Lu’s website, Instagram, TikTok, and her UNDER DVLP channel on YouTube

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