Tales from the Tannoy

Series 2, Episode 1: Turns Out, I Was Right

from Tales from the Tannoy | Published 2/10/2021

Janey Godley has spent lockdown livening up Nicola Sturgeon's coronavirus briefings with her alternative voiceovers. She's made the nation laugh through the toughest of times, but who is the woman behind the voice? Tales from the Tannoy tells the stories behind all the anonymous voices in our day-to-day lives, and although Janey's name and face are known by many, we felt it was worth bending our own rules. (Well, it's our podcast and we can do what we like.)She tells her incredible tale in her own, very sweary, way. Contains some material which listeners may find upsetting or offensive. And the odd C Bomb.With Elinor Hamilton. Recorded in February 2021, and produced by Karl Svenson at Tadah Media.

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Everyone has a story to tell. Even robots. Have you ever wondered about the lives behind the people who provide the soundtrack to your life? Probably not. Did you even realise they ARE real people? Perhaps. Did you know that two of the voices on the London Underground are a married couple who work together all day long, even though one of them is dead? Did you know that the voice in your SatNav has a broken heart? Did you know that the calm, reassuring voice that accompanies your daily life has had a life punctuated by tragedy? Tales from the Tannoy tells the true life stories behind the voices you hear every day.