92: Viva Las Vegas!

Talking Synths is a bi-weekly podcast where Syntaur's crew chats about all manner of synthology. In this episode of Talking Synths, Kenneth hits the road, and the airport, and travels with a small synth rig to Las Vegas. Travel along with him, and see how easy it is to make music on the go! Grab all your synthesizer parts - new and vintage - at Syntaur.com. And if you'd like to support our video production endeavors, please visit: https://www.patreon.com/synthwizards Check out our Merch! https://syntaur.com/apparel.php Instagram: @syntaursynths Facebook: Syntaur Twitter: @syntaursynths Tik Tok: @syntaur Linktree: Syntaur

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Syntaur's Sam Mims and Carlos Morales talk about all things synthesizers.