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TN:51 Georgia & Mark Ralph (Mercury Prize Nominated)

from Tape Notes | Published 9/22/2020

Click here to answer our quick question, thank you.    Back at the start of lockdown, John caught up with Georgia and producer Mark Ralph to bring together a special episode for Aim House on how they wrote, recorded and produced Georgia’s Mercury nominated album ‘Seeking Thrills’.  Delving right into the first demos inspired by a night out, Georgia and Mark talk us through their fluid process of bringing the songs to life, from drawing intricate details from their dynamic list of influences, to studio days together programming rooms full of synths.   We’re given an insight into Georgia’s move to becoming a singer, stepping out from behind the drum kit, and Mark shares some of his producer wizardry, enlightening us on song structure, the small things can completely change the feel of a track and much much more. Listen to hear how a grammatically incorrect sentence became the focus of a song, clips of hook lines written on a glockenspiel and discussions on how to make a computer groove.  Tracks discussed: Started Out, About Work The Dancefloor    Listen to 'Seeking Thrills' here. 'Seeking Thrills' - Domino Recording Co Ltd   SUBMIT A JINGLE For all of the details on sending in a jingle email [email protected]   Submit your Tape Notes jingle and we'll play our favourites each week on the podcast. Jingles can be in any style, can feature the Tape Notes theme, lyrics, or none of those things - be as creative as you'd like (as long as they're between 5-15 seconds).   HELP SUPPORT THE SHOW If you'd like to help support the show you can donate as little or as much as you'd like here, (we really appreciate your contributions):  Donate    Follow us on Social Media to keep up to date with the latest episodes and submit questions: Instagram Facebook Twitter   Visit our website to join our mailing list: www.tapenotes.co.uk       

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