Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and the Colonization of Outer Space

To kick off the new season of the podcast, Alina Utrata and Shikha Srinivas discuss space colonization and the tech billionaires in outer space. Why are Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk obsessed with getting to the moon and Mars? How are climate change and the quest to become an interplanetary species related? Who will unaccountable private corporations in space ultimately harm? Should we be afraid of cascading satellites and colliding space junk? And how can indigenous principles and knowledge-holders lead us in understanding our obligations to earth and space, and caring for our shared celestial commons? Since we talked a lot about indigenous communities on this episode, we want to highlight the work and knowledge of indigenous scholars, activists and communities:Sense of Place Series: Indigenous Perspectives on Earth and SkyAll My Relations: a podcast by three native women, as well as the specific episode about the fight to protect Mauna KeaThe Polynesian Voyaging Society, Hokule’a and more on Polynesian navigation practices.Native Appropriations, a blog by Dr. Adrienne KeeneMore Indigenous Scholars and Scholarly WorkDr Mark RifkinElizabeth ReeseProfessor Linda SmithDr. Sarah DeerNative science : natural laws of interdependenceMore about indigenous communities, colonialism and space:The impact of satellite constellations on space as an ancestral global commonsAnger after Indonesia offers Elon Musk Papuan island for SpaceX launchpadAstronomers May Not Like It but Astronomy and Colonialism Have a Shared HistoryThe legacy of colonialism on public lands created the Mauna Kea conflictOther articles:Mars is a hellhole.New York Times article about the social life of forestsThe myth of the tragedy of the commonsWhat if Space Junk and Climate Change Become the Same Problem?A rough sketch on some advanced carbon capture technologyAstronomers are very frustrated with Elon Musk’s satellitesElon Musk and Jeff Bezos’s space ideology:Billionaire battles are shaping our future in spaceElon Musk, once again the world's richest person, is selling all his possessions so people know he's serious about colonizing MarsElon Musk’s Satellite Internet Project Is Too Risky, Rivals SayElon Musk’s War on Regulators:The Tesla and SpaceX chief courts conflict with an alphabet soup of government agencies—and generally gets away with itElon Musk’s SpaceX violated its launch license in explosive Starship test, triggering an FAA probeJeff Bezos’ Rocket Company Challenges NASA Over SpaceX Moon Lander DealJeff Bezos Lifts Veil on His Rocket Company, Blue OriginNowhere Land by Kevin MacLeodLink: Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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