Music Business: Nicky Brown (Part 1) - Episode 2

In this episode of CM Pod, the co-hosts had the pleasure of speaking with legendary award-winning music producer/director/songwriter/arranger - Nicky Brown With a career that spans over 4 decades, Nicky Brown is a successful musician and entrepreneur who has held multiple contracts with established record labels and has worked with some of the biggest names in music history including: Madonna, Sir Tom Jones, Westlife, Stormzy, Craig David and more.  We discussed a variety of different topics including: Nicky's background/experience as a creator as well as enabler, how to sell music in today's digital age, utilising social media as a music business tool, creating your own markets, how to approach the business end of music and more Follow Nicky on Twitter/Instagram - @NickyBrownMusic Follow Creditz on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn - @CreditzMusic Follow the team - @Kaluugram, @bayoakins & @joshuadmf_  Sign up to join our waiting list and receive early access to the platform -  

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