EP 43A: And In The End...

Welcome to the Big Beatles Sort Out Series 1 Wrap-Up Episode!  We have finished our first task of rating all of the Beatles core catalogue releases, and now it just remains to make a few final adjustments and take a look at what it all means! PLUS a rambling discussion about what series 2 may hold, and of course 'On This Beatles Day'. I have created a final list in the order of the final chart, here: FINAL CHART PLAYLIST! Paul has also been busy producing our first 'Big Sort' merch which can be found here: Pablovich Shop If you are enjoying this podcast please let us know at @Big_Sort on Twitter and Instagram, and please leave us a review! Garry is also a musician and a lot of his songs can be found here on Soundcloud and here on Spotify Please listen out for Paul's other Podcasts, 'The Head Ballet' - all about novelty music, and 'Hark! 87th Precinct Podcast'  - all about Ed McBain's seminal police procedural novel series. You can find the updated final scoring chart here: Big Sort Ranking Table

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Welcome to The Big Beatles Sort Out a show in which I, author and musician Garry Abbott, attempt to finally decide my favourite Beatles recordings by scoring each and every one for lyrical content, musicality and production. I am assisted in this venture by my brother and resident Beatles expert, Paul Abbott, with a deep knowledge of the Beatles and the wider context in which they operated. Each episode we explore and score 5 songs drawn at random from the Beatles full recording catalogue. Keep in touch on Twitter and Instagram @big_sort