10 Truths About Building a Classroom Community

We’ve heard it said:  Relationships are everything.It’s a bold statement, but - man, is it ever true…ESPECIALLY when it comes to teaching!If the pandemic and the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that teaching and the success of students is more than just the academics that are taught.  At least - academics are only a piece of the puzzle.And if academics are like a puzzle... then the teacher-student relationship is the table that you build the puzzle on.And, the conversation that I had on this week’s podcast is simply amazing.Johnny Tiersma, 6th grade teacher and children’s book author, knows a thing or two about building relationships with students.  His 16+ years in education has taught him that teaching the curriculum starts with building a positive classroom community.  And he doesn’t only KNOW this - he’s passionate about it.So, when he reached out to me to share his 10 truths about building a classroom community - it was a no brainer.This isn’t your average conversation about building a classroom community.  Johnny uses not only his teaching experience, but his humor and his heart, along with a few stories to help us all learn how to build a classroom community that feels like family.FOR COMPLETE SHOW NOTES VISIT:  classroomnook.com/podcast/140Links & Resources Mentioned in the EpisodeBook on Amazon: If I Were the TeacherBook website: www.ifiweretheteacher.comConnect with Johnny on Social Media:www.twitter.com/johnnytiersmawww.instagram.com/mrjohnnyteachwww.instagram.com/ifiweretheteacher

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