10 Ways to Make Chromebooks More User-Friendly in the Elementary Classroom (with John Sowash)

CALLING ALL CHROMEBOOK CLASSROOMS!Using classroom technology can be an amazing way to enhance your students’ learning experience — but that doesn’t mean it comes without its challenges.When it comes to using technology with elementary students, teachers often find themselves frustrated and overwhelmed when students lack basic technology skills (20 minutes to login, anyone?), or don’t know where to find important websites needed at a small-group center.That’s why I brought on John Sowash - Chromebook expert and enthusiast!  John Sowash is an experienced classroom teacher, former school administrator, author of The Chromebook Classroom, and founder of the Google Certification Academy. John inspires educators to use technology to connect with and challenge students.And today, he’s inspiring US to get comfortable with using Chromebooks in the classroom.  And even if your students a different device, John’s tips will certainly help you as well.FOR COMPLETE SHOW NOTES VISIT:  classroomnook.com/podcast/144Links & Resources Mentioned in the EpisodeJohn’s Resources for Teachers: Class Login Challenge Turn on Domain Autocomplete DirectionsEnable PIN Login Directions Blog Post: Teach “Chromecabulary” Student Technology Skills ChecklistCreate a Class Start Page: ExamplesTeach Students to Use the Camera AppCreate QR Code Cards: TemplateEPISODE 38: Tips & Best Practices for Technology in the ClassroomEPISODE 141: 3 Myths of a 21st Century Classroom

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