Jason Chu is Not a Contradiction

The Disrupters: Faith Changing Culture - A podcast by InterVarsity Press

“I always say there’s three strands in my life. There’s racial identity, there’s hip hop culture, and there’s religion. And all three are actually synonymous to me.” Jason Chu is a rapper and activist, speaking hope and healing to a broken world. His music has been heard on Warrior (HBO Max), Snowpiercer (TNT), and Wu Assassins (Netflix). He has shared poetry at the Obama White House, been featured in the Chinese American Museum of Los Angeles, and presented at the Getty Center. He has been named one of two 2022 “Artists At Work” by the Japanese American National Museum and Advancing Justice-LA.  In this episode, Jason and Nancy chat about how to bring together disparate parts of ourselves in synergistic ways.  “Without Jesus, I don’t know who I am as an Asian American. Without hip hop, I don’t know the God that I know. Without being Asian American, I don’t make hip hop music because I don’t got an identity, I don’t got a community.” Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands