How To Choose The Best, Most Satisfying LMS Provider With John Hackmeyer

Hello everyone! My name is Ladek and my guest for today is John Hackmeyer, who has been in the eLearning space for more than 20 years. He’s worn many hats as an engineer, an instructional designer & content creator, a sales enabler and as the founder of Cyber Crocodile, from which he advises companies large and small around the world. In this 'take-my-advice' conversation John and I talk about0:00 › Start2:53 › A SALES ENABLEMENT PRIMER—how to use the techniques John espouses to effectively create revenue for your company or institution6:25 › AN LMS PROVIDER OR A PARTNER? — When considering purchasing an LMS, the difference between choosing a provider and a partner, what are the business needs (immediately, mid term and long term), and what integration possibilities exist. And, ultimately, asking yourself (as an institution), where do you want to spend your time (in terms of LMS administration)12:30 › DEALING WITH BUYER’S REMORSE—What are the criteria you can set out to ensure you "get what you need" from an LMS? We also cover some of the most common "must haves" from any conversation with an LMS provider that are red flags if not available. Ask for a trial, start using support before becoming a client, asking how technical help is provided, etc20:00 › THE HUMANITY OF IT ALL—The critical nature of "being able to reach a human" with any LMS provider when you have a problem, whether or not you should expect it to be "special" and receive red carpet treatment from your provider, and how to ask for references29:00 › SECURITY! SECURITY!! —What to look for and ask about when it comes to security around an LMS provider (and, hold on, because John gets very technical in this topic) and how certification separates "good" from "great". John also takes on this topic from both sides of the table - and how providers can put their best foot forward around security.38:20 › FORGIVING SEASON—How forgiving should you be when your provider does have a security breach, and what should you expect as a response from a provider?Listen to AI experts cut through the noise in our upcoming Elearning Success Series: AI in Learning Summit.20+ hours of content, all free:

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