#144 | Stefan Randig | Living for Depth

The Freedive Cafe Podcast - A podcast by Donny Mac - Freediver

Stefan Randig is a German competitive freediver based in Dahab, Egypt. He first appeared on episode #10 of The Freedive Cafe:https://freedivecafe.com/2017/10/01/10-stefan-randig-freedive-panglao/In this episode we discuss:The last time Stefan and I talked was in 2017, on episode #10 of The Freedive Cafe! (link above)What happened to Freedive Panglao?Stefan started his freediving journey in Dahab.Shout out to our colleagues in The Philippines.Dahab during COVID times.What's it like to raise a child in Dahab?Shout out to Carlos Diezel of Dahab Freedivers.At the time of recording Stefan was fresh back from Vertical Blue 2022, how was his experience?Shout out to Stefan's coach Dean ChaoucheStefan got a new National Record for CNF with a dive of 77m.Stefan is actually younger than Donny! So he should pay more respect to Donny!Stefan's approach to training.How the freediving lifestyle influences motivation.Stefan hasn't blacked out yet in his career.The difficulty of getting paid sponsorship in freediving.Stefan's plans for 2023.About the Deepspot challenge.Thoughts on getting to Blue Element in Dominica in 2023.DESERT ISLAND QUESTIONS - PATREON EXCLUSIVEA shout out to some special people.For all episodes of the Freedive Cafe Podcast, visit www.freedivecafe.comFor freediving courses and training in Dahab, Egypt, visit www.freediveandthrive.com