Andrew Tate effect: Is misogyny on the rise?

The Global Story - A podcast by BBC World Service

There is growing concern that a new wave of violent misogyny is becoming popular with young men. Many blame social media and online influencers like Andrew Tate for promoting extreme anti-feminist views. Gabriel Gatehouse speaks with BBC filmmaker Matt Shea and Cosmopolitan's Harriet Hall to explore what Gen Z think about sexism and if young people are becoming more polarised in their views.The Global Story brings you trusted insights from BBC experts around the world. We’re keen to hear from you, wherever you are in the world. #TheGlobalStory We want your ideas, stories and experiences to help us understand and tell The Global Story. Email us at [email protected] You can also message us or leave a voice note on WhatsApp on +44 330 123 9480. Today’s podcast was made by Alice Aylett Roberts and Bethan Ashmead Latham. The technical producers were Mike Regaard and Philip Bull. The assistant editor is Sergi Forcada Freixas and the senior news editor is Jonathan Aspinwall.