Tucker Carlson: What next for America’s right-wing showman?

The Global Story - A podcast by BBC World Service

Access to Putin and Trump puts him in a powerful position, less than a year since losing his high-profile job with Fox News. His interview with the Russian president has him back at the centre of the global conversation. Donald Trump’s wife and son have reportedly floated Carlson’s name as a possible Republican vice-presidential candidate. But would he in fact have more influence as a pundit? Gabriel Gatehouse talks to the BBC’s Francis Scarr, who covered Carlson’s trip to Moscow, and Laura Trevelyan, who covered the US for the BBC for more than two decades. The Global Story brings you trusted insights from BBC experts around the world. We want your ideas, stories and experiences to help us understand and tell The Global Story. Email us at [email protected]. You can also message us or leave a voice note on WhatsApp on +44 330 123 9480. #TheGlobalStory. This episode was made by Neal Razzell and Emilia Jansson. The technical producer was Emma Crowe. The assistant editor is Sergi Forcada Freixas and the senior news editor is Jonathan Aspinwall.