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S8 Ep6: The Good Glow with Rachel Drury

from The Good Glow | Published 2/28/2021

I speak to Rachel Drury on The Good Glow podcast this week.  I don't want to say too much about this episode. I'd like you to go on a journey with Rachel and she tells us a gorgeous love story. She has so much to say about life, never giving up and most importantly the power of self love and forgiveness. I just know you will love everything Rachel has to say This podcast is brought to you with thanks to Vichy. You can shop Mineral 89 HERE and get 25% off using the code GoodGlow25. Follow me on Instagram HERE

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The Good Glow podcast will hear how Georgie Crawford put her life back together after a breast cancer diagnosis that changed her perspective on everything. Georgie feels there is a need for people to have more in depth conversations about our health and well being in order to drive awareness of self care. Georgie speaks to wellness advocates and inspirational people whose stories will motivate you to make positive change.