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GDFM ep. 14: Ryan Survives a Plane Crash!

from The Good, The Dan, The Florida Man | Published 6/12/2021

Episode 14 of The Good, The Dan, The Florida man! Ryan tells us about that time he got over his fear of flying for maybe 10 seconds. Silly Question: Would you rather have finger sized legs or leg sized fingers? Ryan's Ridiculous History: Nakam: The Jewish Avengers Dan's LGBT-Q for the Straights: Who are some straight icons/role models? How would you define pride? How do you show your support during pride? What/Why are truck nuts?? ----Pod Team---- The Good: @Youth Pastor Ryan The Dan: @Daniel Spencer The Florida Man: @Ben Brainard ----Links---- Website: Patreon: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Tiktok:

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A weekly comedy podcast in which The Good (Ryan Kelly,) The Dan (Dan Spencer,) and the Florida Man (Ben Brainard) share stories, discuss the news, and learn a lot about each other!