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The Mystery Of The Mary Celeste

from The House Of Hammer | Published 5/18/2021

Welcome to The House Of Hammer!Each fortnight, Adam Roche, Ben Taylorson, Cev Moore and Smokey walk you through each room in Hammer Film Productions’ vast legacy, examining the ‘Hammer Heroes’ who brought the films to life, the ‘History Of The Mystery’ behind the folklore surrounding the fantastical tales, the continuing story of Hammer itself, and of course the movies…In this first episode meet the team, and then hear the story surrounding Hammer’s earliest surviving movie, its second ever feature, 1935’s The Mystery of The Mary Celeste, starring Bela Lugosi.But what happened to the FIRST movie Hammer produced? Who will take their place as the first Hammer Hero? What was happening in the world at the time of its release, and what is the movie itself really like?All will be revealed in room one of ‘The House Of Hammer’…Follow us on Twitter at us on Instagram at us at [email protected]

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