Virtual Space as a Service for Location - Jonny Cosgrove - MeetingRoom

The Industry 4.0 Podcast - A podcast by UtilityAR


Learn about how virtual reality can offer a solution for improved team collaboration in the form of secure and reliable meeting rooms. Thanks to Jonny Cosgrove from MeetingRoom for his time in explaining it to me. Thanks to our sponsor, UtilityAR. Interested in looking at how Augmented Reality can work for your site? contact UtilityAR today at Our Host Patrick Liddy is an experienced innovator who has disrupted the energy sector by bringing Demand Response to Ireland and the UK. Now focused on Augmented Reality which is going to become a major opportunity for all industry, he has become is an expert and thought leader in the space and is working with industry to implement projects in the Utility, High-Value Manufacturing, and Data Centre Space. If you enjoyed the show please share it with your colleagues or review us on iTunes or whatever other podcast platform you are using. thanks