Powerful Lessons for Building a Scalable IoT Business with Lou Lutostanski from Avnet

On this episode of The IoT Unicorn podcast, learn from Lou Lutostanski, VP of IoT at Avnet, as he discusses the evolution of IoT including the need to partner on solutions, especially at scale, lessons learned from years in IoT, and the ways IoT and AI can be leveraged specifically within the healthcare industry, including with remote telemedicine.

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As IoT continues to shape our lives in a world that is transforming – often in ways we don’t even realize – Pete Bernard from Microsoft takes listeners on a journey through the world of IoT thought leaders to explore their vision of the future and what IoT will do to shape it. Listen in to the IoT Unicorn podcast series as he explores how their individual journeys were moulded by technology and get answers to how they’re currently using IoT, what motivates them to create, and their perspective on how the world should think about IoT.