Mailbag: From Sweden to India, Jane Answers Hopecaster Messages About Protecting the Natural World and How We Can Each Make a Difference

The Jane Goodall Hopecast - A podcast by Dr. Jane Goodall

In this episode of the Hopecast, Dr. Goodall is joined by her grandson, Merlin van Lawick, as they hear from Hopecasters from around the world. Jane and Merlin listen to powerful messages about Hopecasters' desire and mission to protect nature and wildlife, asking Jane how they can help, and how Jane continually inspires them. Jesica, from Colombia, now living in Sweden, reflects on how the Hopecast gives her hope in her pursuit of her PhD as she works to protect and defend the Amazon Rainforest. Jodi in Queensland, Australia, shares her efforts to move away from hierarchical thinking and embrace diversity in thought in order to solve environmental crises. Tina, living in Canada, asks Jane what she can do to make a difference as a young person. Jane and Merlin reflect on the power of sharing stories in influencing change, and the incredible momentum and drive of young change-makers, particularly in JGI’s youth program Roots & Shoots. One young Hopecaster from Indiana thanks Jane for connecting her to the natural world and igniting her passion for helping animals at just 12 years old, telling Dr. Goodall: “you showed me that animals have a voice that needs to be heard.” Hey Hopecasters! Submit your own questions and comments for a chance to be included in a future Mailbag episode here.