Jay Rayner and the panel visit Eastbourne. Jordan Bourke, Melek Erdal, Andi Oliver and Professor Barry Smith answer the questions. This week, the panellists divulge their tips for peeling an egg, share recipes for their favourite alcoholic sorbets and ice creams, and recommend dishes for those overripe bananas. Inspired by guest Richard James from Rathfinny Wine Estate, Professor Barry Smith leads the team in an experiment that'll test how to identify a good fizzy wine, and Banoffee Pie inventor Ian Dowding shares the origin story behind this yummy desert. Producer - Daniel Cocker Assistant Producer - Aniya Das A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 4.

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Jay Rayner hosts a culinary panel show packed full of tasty titbits that might change the way we think about food, cooking and eating. An expert panel answers audience questions.