The Last Thing I Saw

Episode 39: Interview with Alexander Nanau on Collective

from The Last Thing I Saw | Published 4/9/2021

Welcome to The Last Thing I Saw, with your host, Nicolas Rapold. The film Collective is an investigation of corruption in the aftermath of a deadly fire in a Romanian nightclub that led to protests that toppled the prime minister. Director Alexander Nanau follows tenacious journalists as they expose wrongdoing at hospitals and in government dealings with the help of whistleblowers. He also gains access to a newly appointed health minister who is trying to reform the system. Like All the President’s Men or Citizenfour, the results make us feel as if we’re watching the process develop in real time, with basic freedoms at stake. I spoke with Nanau about the film, which he directed, produced, edited, and operated camera on. You can support this podcast and read show notes with links at: Opening music: “Monserrate” by The Minarets Photo by Steve Snodgrass

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