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TLS #351: Sex, Visas & Pure Consciousness – AKA: All the Times I Thought I Was “Done”

from The Lively Show | Published 5/13/2021

Welcome back to the Lively Show! It’s Chelsea here, the producer of the podcast and today I’m excited to share with you a special preview from Jess’s new audio series, Flowing Up.  Flowing Up is a 555 minute audio series detailing various aspects of Jess’s travel life with her co-host and Team Lively videographer, Megan Sutherland.  In this episode, you’ll hear chapter 5, “Sex, Visas & Pure Consciousness – AKA: All the Times I Thought I Was “Done.” Jess asked listeners within the Lively Community app which chapter they would like to hear most, and this is the one that received the most votes!   We hope you enjoy this special episode, and you can learn more about Flowing Up from Jess below:  After five years of traveling the world (mostly) full-time, it’s time to share all the behind-the-scenes stories that I haven’t mentioned on TLS!  My “real” thoughts on the Tony Robbins event… the treasure I found at the top of the Mayan Ruins in Belize… the event that showed me how to release “emotional bean bags…” the deep state of realization that occurred during lockdown in Hawaii in 2020…  It’s all here in Flowing Up! Though much of my journey has made its way into flow diaries-style podcast episodes, Flowing Up puts the whole wonderfully unimagined and unexpected journey into one cohesive audio series — detailing personal experiences such as dating and psychedelics, and enlightenment and the two(!) near-death experiences I had while traveling. Join my co-host (and Team Lively videographer), Megan Sutherland, and I for a funny, informal, and honest account of all that happened behind the scenes of the past years of this Lively Adventure. These 7 audio chapters are available to download to the device of your choice:  Chapter 1 – Dating + Relationships Chapter 2 – Enlightenment + Realization Chapter 3 – Abundance + Career Chapter 4 – Travel Safety + Packing Chapter 5 – Sex, Visas & Pure Consciousness – AKA: All the Times I Thought I Was “Done” Chapter 6 – Inner Voice Guidance Chapter 7 – Listener Q+A + Final Thoughts As a free bonus, the Flowing Up bundle also includes recordings from the original A Lively Adventure audio series, including 450 minutes of audio broken down into 9 total chapters.  Plus, you’ll also get access to a little selection of desktop and phone backgrounds with the Flowing Up logo — a little daily reminder that when you “let go” you can flow higher in your own life, as well! Transcripts are also available for those who prefer to read the content.  Head over here to learn more about Flowing Up or purchase the audio series.   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

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