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S2 E2 Montessori through the eyes of Cara, 6 years old, in the Philippines & her mother Mars

from The Montessori Notebook podcast :: a Montessori parenting podcast with Simone Davies | Published 4/22/2021

Mars (Instagram/website) was a Montessori educator and owned her own school and now homeschools her daughter Cara. I asked Mars if I could interview her daughter Cara about their Montessori homeschooling and we spoke for over an hour! I'm sure you'll enjoy this conversation as much as I did. At the end Mars also talks about how she supports Cara's learning and what "successful" homeschooling looks like to them.Links from the episodeHow to Save a Planet - podcast about climate changeGardener of the Sea: A Story About Nida CalumpongCharlotte MasonFor Nature Stories for Young Readers, we have the Animal Life. Nature Stories for Young Readers: Animal Life by Florence BassShell, Beak, TuskHow to clean a hippopotamus bookSleeping queensRainbow KnightsCuBirdsTrellisBitesJurassic SnackThe Magic LabyrinthSecret Seven // Famous Fivea photo from Cara's bookblog post about Montessori trainingpre-order The Montessori BabyListener questionMy question for you is do you have any recommendations regarding resources or training for educators who do not intend on working in a Montessori school but would still like to approach teaching in a Montessori way? I work as a teacher in a public elementary school in Canada and would love to have a better understanding of the Montessori approach to early numeracy and literacy learning. I am specifically looking for resources for students in the 3-6 range. Thanks!

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