1. The Director Will See You Now

Emily Maitlis on the ascent to power of the man who made presidents wait. J Edgar Hoover built then ran the FBI for almost five decades. He turned it from a bureaucratic backwater into a premier crime fighting and counterintelligence force. In the process, he arguably became America’s most powerful man. He’s been dead 50 years and still his shadow looms over the US. Today’s fears of a ‘deep state’ - of unaccountable government officials working against the public in their own interest – can be traced back to him. In the first of an 8-part series, Emily shows how though his job was to enforce the law...he would not always be bound by it. Producer: Neal Razzell Research: Louise Byrne Editor: Hugh Levinson Production Coordinator: Janet Staples Sound: Tom Brignell

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An examination, half a century on from the first director of the FBI's death in office in 1972, of how Hoover's iron grip still permeates contemporary America.