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from The @Percussion Podcast | Published 3/11/2021

★ Support the show by becoming a patron: ★ Follow us on:  Facebook: Instagram: PodBean: Hosts: Casey Cangelosi, Ben Charles, Karli Vina, and Ksenija Komljenović Intro music by Luigi Morello  Watch here  Listen below  0:00 Intro and hello.  Teaching online  2:15 Ben: March 11 in music history.  Hal Blaine   6:00 Welcome, Marta Klimasara 6:55 Some background 9:15 Your move from Poland to Germany? 11:10 What makes music interesting to you?  What makes a good performance good?  14:35 Working with Keiko Abe?  Producing such wonderful students.   19:10 Your journey and pivotal moments?  21:30 Understanding pieces of music - Corporal 25:44 Overcoming fear in performance?  26:57 Rupert Kettle's "Tambourines"?  32:20 When can we see you perform online?!  Little parent detour   39:30 What are you looking forward to getting back to after COVID?  44:25 What's keeping you going through COVID?  46:15 So nice to see you!!  Casey late to Italy..  49:20 Casey: convolution and the Hagia Sofia  1:00:10 Your thoughts on the state of the repertoire?   1:03:30 Penderecki?   1:06:15 Female percussionist struggles?  

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