Outdoor Survival | The basics of being prepared for an outdoor adventure Part 1

In today's episode Nick unpacks some great adventures with our guest, Fred. Listen and learn from an outdoor enthusiast's trials and tribulations. "So I'm expecting to come down and maybe we're going to see a bear finally. And he stops and pivots, and his eyes are gigantic in his head. And he's like, it's not a bear. What is it? ...and there's like this eight foot tall Moose on the trail, and his backside was facing us. And we're maybe only like five 6ft from it from the way we came around this corner. And immediately I'm thinking we have no place to go because Moose do what hippopotamus do. They trample people..." What would you even do in this situation? It's good to be prepared for the unexpected. Another way to be prepared for an adventure is with a good map. Where might you be able to get water once you run out along your route? Or, what's going to look like a good area to camp in if you need to plan out where you're staying overnight? Fred goes into the details when it comes to reading maps and route outlining for  hikes. There is definitely some planning required for a multiple day hike into the back woods. Not to mention there are a few tools you will want to have with you.  Want to add some new freeze dried food to your outdoor adventures? Valley Food Storage is offering a special deal for our podcast listeners. Enjoy 15% off your entire order when you use the code PRACTICAL15.

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