Asset Protection through Series LLC with Scott Smith

Scott Smith is an asset protection attorney based in Austin, Texas, a real estate investor, host of ( Real Estate Nerds Podcast), and Founder of Royal Legal Solutions, a company that helps real estate investors protect their assets and create time and financial freedom. He started his career as a litigation attorney who brought suits against major insurance companies. He was first aired in the podcast in Episode 129 way back in 2018. KEY POINTS Key asset protection points investors must know Why you need asset protection for your real estate portfolio Structuring your asset protection strategy Why anonymity is important in LLC Series LLC Land Trusts Tax Incentives RESOURCES (Royal Legal Solutions) Visithttp://m/gp/product/B00NB86OYE/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8andtag=jacob0ee-20andcamp=1789andcreative=9325andlinkCode=as2andcreativeASIN=B00NB86OYEandlinkId=100a9d2905599266aa7088bba0a33d55 ( Audible) for a free trial and free audiobook download!

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