In episode two of The Salice Rose Show, Salice shares some of her weirdest and worst relationship and breakup experiences. From the cringiest icks and red flags to the negative effects that narcissism, cheating, codependency, and trauma can have not only on you as a person but also on both your past and current partners. Tune in for an episode based on a true awareness of self and of those closest to us, how those hard experiences can change a person, and the different paths that each person can explore towards their individual healing.In addition, Salice discusses proper breakup etiquette. Is it ethically permissible to break up with someone over text or even email in 2023? When is it okay to stay friends with an ex, if ever? Finally, what do you do when your family can’t detach from your ex? Joined by two guests this week, listen in as Salice discusses all things breakups.The Salice Rose Show is intended for mature audiences only and is not suitable for children. This content may contain adult themes, explicit language, and sexual subject matter. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed are the speaker's own.

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Follow along with entertainer, Salice Rose, as she dives head-first into life’s most relatable topics while sharing her own personal experiences and incorporating her own raw and comedic twist. Join Salice as she unlocks the door to a more personal and adult experience as she strips away all social media filters and challenges all of the normative expectations of society. Listen in on exclusive, never-before heard secrets and experiences from Salice Rose, herself, that will include personal relationship details, sexual openness and empowerment, challenging and emotional mental health conversations, perspectives regarding the latest drama, and the most intriguing and all-around organic experience imaginable. New episodes every Wednesday.