Dr. Mandy Lehto: Part 1

This week's episode features writer, speaker and coach Dr. Mandy Lehto. We'll be discussing how we can make 2021 our most creative and productive year to date. Mandy spends much of her time empowering people with the tools and courage to live their lives with more purpose and authenticity, so if you're dreaming big for next year, this is the episode for you! Mandy's work has featured in The Sunday Times, Psychology Today, the Huffington Post, eFinancial News, Top Santé and CNBC. She also writes columns for Psychologies magazine and hosts her own podcast, The Moxiecast. As a speaker, she gets invited to some of the world's biggest corporations and institutions, such as IBM, Lloyd’s of London, Rothschild, Bulgari, Nestle, Citi and the London School of Economics. As if that wasn't enough, she is also in the process of completing a memoir! I challenge you to name me a more inspiring, kind and genuine soul, so it's with my great pleasure that we can start 2021 in the wholesome presence of Dr. Mandy Lehto.www.mandylehto.comwww.soundspring.co.ukwww.tommy-andrews.co.ukTommy x

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