Ken Stone

The Spiritual Awakener - A podcast by Susan Kennard

In this episode, Susan and Ken discuss: Listening to our soul’s guidance The healer within Living in the present moment Stepping into our wholeness Key Takeaways: Our soul is guiding us all the time. It’s up to us to listen and to let it lead us into the knowledge of who we truly are and who we truly are meant to be. We often look for healing from sources outside of ourselves but we must not forget that the divine in us has the power to heal. The solution is within. Living in that present moment allows us to be present. It helps us get over the “what if”s and other fears that hinder us from stepping into our true spiritual identities. We will eventually come to our wholeness, whether we step into the illusion of separation further or really open up into our whole selves. It is an opportunity to remember and experience who we truly are. “There is an experience of absolute embodied wholeness that is always available. It’s who we all are. The experience that isn’t that, it’s just the opening to that experience of wholeness.” —  Ken Stone Connect with Ken Stone: Website: Twitter: YouTube: Linked In: Facebook: Connect with Susan Kennard: Awaken the Light Within FREE VIDEO COURSETwitter: @susankennard Facebook: Susan Kennard - Expand Your Consciousness, Sparkle to SuccessWebsite: Susan Kennard Email: [email protected] Reach out to find the program for you! Show notes by Podcastologist: Justine Talla Audio production by Turnkey Podcast Productions. You’re the expert. Your podcast will prove it.