Back to basics: Once around the block! A look at block internals

Can it be done? Can you delve into the hex dumps, the byte headers, the acronyms all wrapped up in the magic that is an Oracle Database block with no slides, no code, no demos and no visuals? Who knows, but I'll give it my best shot! Don't panic, this is not an episode about digging into internals just for the sake of digging. I'll take a look at the main components of a database block, why they exist, and how these components come together to achieve the concurrency and performance of the Oracle Database that we all love. Enjoy! Catch me on Twitter at if you have questions. Addenda: OK, I did cop out a little bit here :-), because if you do want a visual to accompany this episode, then you can get a screenshot of a typical data block dump by clicking here, but its not mandatory for the session.

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