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Ep. 153 Breaking Down Standards with Nic Stone

from The Stacks | Published 3/3/2021

Today we welcome author Nic Stone to the podcast. Nic is best known as the Young Adult and Middle Grade author of Dear Martin, Dear Justyce, and the Shuri series with Marvel Comics. We talk today about doubt, listening to young people, and the creative process. We also discuss the books that fill up Nic's bookshelves.The Stacks Book Club selection for March is Every Body Looking by Candice Iloh, we will discuss the book with Nic Stone on March 31st.You can find links to everything we discuss on today's show on The Stacks' Website: THE STACKSJoin The Stacks Pack on PatreonLibro.FM - get two audiobooks for the price of one when you use code THE STACKS at checkout.Purchasing books through or

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