SPP368: The Future of the U.S. Dollar & the Ability to Adapt

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As preppers, we probably have every disaster scenario mapped out (at least we hope we do). Still, if your family, friends, and loved ones are not on the same page, those plans will not work out so well.  Today I’ll discuss an article I recently read from Selco about being willing to pivot and change plans when necessary. Our ability to adapt to a situation is critical when preparing for whatever might come our way because we don’t know what that might be.  I also went over how it looks like China is trying to remove the United States from the head of the table regarding being the global currency and what that could mean shortly.  An economic collapse has been a fear of mine (and many preppers) for some time now, and it looks like we are closer than ever.  Links from the Show… Are You TRULY Adaptable Enough to Leave Everything Behind to Survive?  Garden Planning Calculator