Three Stooges Throwback 43 Three Sappy People

This is the 43rd of 190 shorts produced by the Three Stooges for Columbia Pictures Shorts Department. In this one we have the Boys as phone repairmen who pose as psychiatrists to help a flighty young wife. The Stooges come to her fancy party and antics ensue. Is there a creampuff fight? Yes. Listen for audio creampuffs. Gabe Russo is doing the work of watching all the shorts, taking notes, and imparting information on the uncredited costars that the Boys worked with, some on a regular basis. These forgotten actors are getting their due here in the show, Three Stooges Throwback with Gabe Russo. Gabe provides reviews of the shorts, along with production notes, and interesting facts about the Boys careers as one of the greatest comedy teams of all time. Come and subscribe to hear the opinions of one of the premier Three Stooge fans on the internet, Chief Knucklehead, Gabriel Russo.Three 

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Every episode Gabe Russo provides behind the scenes facts and trivia, etc. as well as reviews and personal opinion on all 190 Columbia Shorts produced by the Three Stooges.