Ep 13 | Aftermath of The Reaction Video | New Format

The Tiff & Flip Show - A podcast by Tiffany Jenkins and Flip Adam - Wednesdays


IMPORTANT! The last episode, (episode 12) was ONLY uploaded to our Youtube Channel (linked below). It wasn't suitable for audio only, so to catch up go check out our Youtube Channel! On THIS weeks episode, Tiff and Flip address the response to their last video, Tiff takes a break from social media, Flip takes control of the podcast, They answer an audience question about setting boundaries with a parent who uses and much more! Make sure and subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow along on Instagram and Facebook for daily stories. All our links are HERE: https://linktr.ee/thetiffandflipshow  Leave us a review and tell us what you think! To be a part of the show, call 941-301-8651 and leave us a voicemail with your thoughts!