Episode 9 LANGUAGE: watching our words

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* Throwback It was just brought to our attention that only 3 minutes of this episode ended up loading on Spotify & Apple so I am reposting because even though it's an oldie, it's a goodie. Enjoy.   In this episode from 2021, mental health advocates Shaley Hoogendoorn and Julie Kraft discuss the importance of language. Words absolutely matter- they have the power to hurt or heal. Too often, mental health terms, even actual diagnoses, are loosely thrown around in everyday conversation. How many of us have heard the phrase, “The weather is sooo bipolar!” or heard ‘OCD’ used as an adjective to describe a tidy person? Listen in as Julie and Shaley take a gentle and nonjudgemental look at specific terminology often misused (even, admittedly, by them!) They’ll also explain how and why it can be so harmful. It is Shaley and Julie’s greatest hope that this episode will help bring awareness to the words we use and the power they have!   *TRIGGER WARNING: mentions language surrounding suicide   To my listeners, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here. If this episode or podcast means something to you, I would be forever grateful if you would favourite this account & follow/subscribe the ‘this is bipolar’ podcast wherever you listen your podcasts so you stay up to date. It would also mean the world to me if you gave a 5 ⭐️ review- this helps the podcast reach those who need to hear it most. Love, Shaley    Instagram - @this.is.bipolar #thisisbipolar #thisisbipolarvlog. #thisisbipolarpodcast